The Village of Cooperstown has received numerous requests for help from residents who find their driveways partially blocked by parked cars.  According to New York Vehicle and Traffic Law blocking a public or private driveway is prohibited.  In the past, the village has painted white “driveway boxes” on the road surface, but with mixed results.  This year the Village is initiating a procedure to allow residents to apply for a free permit to paint the curb immediately adjacent to their driveways yellow.  Painting can be done by residents or by the Village for a fee.  However, painting must not commence until a permit has been issued and detailed specifications must be followed.  For more information and to apply, please contact the Village Administrator, Teri Barown at 607-547-2411 or by email at vcooperstown@stny.rr.com.  Procedures and application forms can also be found on the Village Clerk’s page of this website.