NEWS – Media Release

For Immediate Release – May 28, 2015 – Hawking, Peddling and Soliciting Regulations

Contact: Jeff Katz, Mayor, Village of Cooperstown

Warmer weather has finally arrived and the very busy summer season will begin soon. Many activities begin during this time, including requests from individuals/organizations for Hawking, Peddling and Soliciting permits, including door-to-door solicitation of Village residents. Although very few requests are submitted each year, we ensure that applicants are required to register their contact information with the Village Police Department including name, sponsoring organization, driver’s license information and contact telephone numbers. Issuing a permit for this purpose is, in part, governed by U.S. Constitutional law, and by no means an endorsement by the Village of any product or purpose of solicitation.

Though individuals are required to obtain a permit prior to conducting any solicitation activity, residents may contact the Village Clerk’s Office at (607) 547-2411 to inquire as to issuance of a permit. For any public safety concerns related to solicitation activities, please contact the Village Police Department at (607) 547-2500.

Among other regulations, door-to-door solicitors must respect “No Solicitation” signs posted at residences, as well as verbal requests. For additional information regarding our Hawking, Peddling, Soliciting regulations, please contact the Village Clerk or take a look at our online Village Code regulations regarding this activity (Chapter 277-6) at www.ecode360.com/CO2139