June 9, 2015—Cooperstown, NY—The Village has already begun an ambitious street repair program for 2015. Work on Main Street sidewalks was in full swing this spring. Road and utility work has started on Cooper Lane. The third week in June, weather permitting, we anticipate pug milling Main Street east of the Susquehanna River, Pine Boulevard, Church Street, Hoffman Lane, Cooper Lane, and Delaware Street between Beaver and Elm. Pug mill refers to a machine used to grind and mix materials for asphalt, which is then applied to the road surface. In July, crews will be back to seal these streets and apply stone, the final step in the process. Later in the summer work will take place on portions of Beaver Street and River Street, as well as on Linden Avenue where the new street surface will be sealed to extend its life. We know that road construction is always disruptive and here in New York we have a limited construction period that corresponds with may summer activities. We appreciate your patience as we make strides to improve street conditions.