The Village has updated the law that regulates sales on public property during special events like Induction Weekend as well as during activities like the library book sale. The updates were necessary to bring the vending law in compliance with state law and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and to ensure the Village looks its best during special events when large numbers of people visit. The new law also has the potential to allow additional vending in our parks and certain other public spaces during the summer season with appropriate approvals.

Some of the provisions of the new law include:
• Supplies, stored vending merchandise, and equipment must be screened from public view
• Signage is limited in size and location
• Street furniture, tents, table skirts, and umbrellas must not include any advertising
• Devices that produce loud noises are prohibited
• Vendors must keep their area clean and free of trash
• Vendors must maintain at least a five-foot wide passageway for pedestrians
• Vendors may not operate within three feet of a building entrance or display windows unless the business owner has granted written permission
• During special events vending is limited to tables, which must have single-color skirts if used for merchandise display or autograph signing, and tents which must have single-color coverings

For those who wish to park cars on private property during Induction Weekend, this law contains the same provisions that were in effect in the past:

• Property owners must complete an application and pay the application fee
• No vehicle may be parked less than three feet from any property line
• No more than one two-sided sign, not greater than six square feet in area per side, is allowed

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