Web Link to Village Law Codification by General Code

For decades, residents have asked where they could find all Village laws. There has never been one single volume to turn to, until now. We have recently received the completed codification of Local Laws, which was contracted out to General Code for completion. General Code is a leader in the field of municipal law codification. After various recommendations from General Code regarding changes that should be made as part of the codification process, we were finally able to set a public hearing for the April 27, 2015 meeting to adopt the codification in order that all our laws and amendments thereof are easily accessible by the public and as important, easier to review by the Board of Trustees to make any changes for laws that are now obsolete, in need of amendment, or unclear.

Proposed Local Law No. 7 contains any changes proposed to currently existing laws and ordinances based on Village review and General Code recommendations. Proposed Local Law No. 8 provides for a couple of minor changes to the Village charter. More details regarding both these laws can be provided by contacting Teri Barown, Village Clerk at vcooperstown@stny.rr.com or calling 547-2411.

The web link to access the complete codification document on the General Code website is http://www.ecode360.com/CO2139 .

Please keep in mind that Village laws are continually in need of review and sometimes amendment, the codification will undoubtedly bring to light additional items that need to be addressed, however, it will provide one document in order to more efficiently address any revisions needed. Additionally updates of the Village of Cooperstown Code will be made by General Code at least on a yearly basis and perhaps more frequently depending on the level of change required to any specific code and will be accessible by the public on-line within a couple of weeks of adoption.