Avoid unnecessary costs, call the Village First!

Property owners are responsible for maintaining waste lines to their junctions with the Village’s sewer mains. The Village is responsible for operation and maintenance of the sewer mains. In the event a blockage occurs and an owner is uncertain about the location of the blockage, please notify the Village at 607-547-2411 for both daytime and after-hours emergencies. Village staff will investigate promptly. If the blockage is in the main, the Village will bear the cost of clearing it. If the blockage is in the owner’s sewer lateral leading to the village main, the owner will be responsible for the cost. We bring this to your attention because recently a resident experienced a blockage, hired a plumber, and discovered that the blockage was in the Village main, not the owner’s waste line. The Village cleared the line at no cost to the property owner, but was not authorized to reimburse the

property owner for the cost of the plumber’s services.


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