Election Day for the village election, originally scheduled for March 18, 2020 and postponed by Executive

Order from Governor Cuomo due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is Tuesday, September 15, 2020. In-
person voting for the election will be held at the Cooperstown Fire Hall, 24 Chestnut Street between the

hours of Noon and 9:00 p.m.
The candidates and offices up for election are as follows:

Mayor: One position – Two (2) year term (vote for one):
Democratic Party: Ellen R. Tillapaugh
Village United Party: Ellen R. Tillapaugh
Trustee: Two positions – Three (3) year term (vote for any two):
Democratic Party: Joseph R. Membrino
Democratic Party: MacGuire Benton
Republican Party: Mary-Margaret Robbins
Liberty Party: Joseph R. Membrino
Heart of Cooperstown Party: Mary-Margaret Robbins
Many Voices One Village Party: MacGuire Benton

As the election was postponed one and a half days prior to March 18, the ballot (with the candidates as
noted) had been established and printed. It has been determined that the ballots dated March 18, 2020
can be used for the September 15th election date. Therefore, all machine and absentee ballots will
contain the date of March 18, 2020.
Absentee ballots already received for the March 18 election will be canvassed at the close of polls on
September 15 and individuals who submitted those ballots do not need to reapply for new ballots. Those
who applied for absentee ballots subsequent to the March 18 date will be sent absentee ballots and
again, they will be dated March 18, 2020 and canvassed after the close of polls on September 15.
Absentee ballot applications are available at the Village Office during regular office hours, Monday-Friday
between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or by calling 547-2411. Additionally the application can be downloaded
from a link on the home page of the Village website www.cooperstownny.org.
September 8 is the last day for the Village Clerk to receive applications for absentee ballots to be mailed
to qualified voters with September 9 being the last date for those ballots to be mailed. The last day for
the Clerk to receive walk-in applications at the Village Office, 22 Main Street for an absentee ballot is
September 14. Ballots must be received by the close of polls on September 15 (9:00 p.m.) to be
Individuals wishing to vote in the election and not already registered must register with Otsego County
Board of Elections, 140 County Hwy. 33W, Cooperstown, NY (former Meadows Building). The last date
individuals may register with the county board of elections to be eligible to vote in this year’s village
election is September 4, 2020.
Everything regarding the election is still very much subject to any additional executive orders issued by
the Governor. Any further changes or updates will be posted on the Village website
www.cooperstownny.org and provided to the media.

To say the least this has been a very confusing election year. If you should have any questions regarding
this year’s village election please contact Teri Barown, Village Clerk-Administrator at 547-2411 or by
email at tbarown@cooperstownny.org.


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