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Proposed Changes to the Tree Law

The Village of Cooperstown values the positive benefits of trees on air quality, water quality, energy bills, and aesthetics. The Village has been named a Tree City by the National Arbor Day Foundation.The Village Board of Trustees is currently considering changes to...

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Merriest Main Street

While they may be admiring the beautiful, glittering Rockefeller Christmas Tree outside their home studio in New York City, the TODAY Show has been looking for holiday cheer across the country for their special series, "Merriest Main Street". So far this month,...

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Welcome Home Cooperstown

Welcome Home Cooperstown will host its next Community Meet and Greet on Tuesday,September 5 at 5:30pm at the Village Hall at 22 Main Steet, Cooperstown. The monthlygatherings are designed to bring together new area residents with longtime communitymembers.The goal of...

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