The Village of Cooperstown values the positive benefits of trees on air quality, water quality, energy bills, and aesthetics. The Village has been named a Tree City by the National Arbor Day Foundation.
The Village Board of Trustees is currently considering changes to the provisions in the zoning law that regulate the removal of trees from private property. A public hearing has been set for February 26 at 7pm. Copies of the proposed changes can be accessed at the Village offices as well as the Village website.

Currently, on any property, not more than 30% of trees with a trunk diameter of six inches or more may be cut or drastically altered within a ten-year period. If you have questions about current landscaping projects that involve the removal or trimming of trees on your property, contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer Jackson DuBois before work begins at

The proposed revisions would allow for removal of invasive, small, and diseased trees. The removal of a mature, healthy, noninvasive would be permitted, but would require replacement on the same property. As an alternative, with approval of the Planning Board, payment could be made to the Village Trust and Agency fund for public tree support. For projects involving Site Development Plan Review, the Planning Board would review tree removal plans and could waive the replacement requirement. The Zoning Board of Appeals would hear all appeals for variances.

Supplemental Environmental Regulations